Oh Europa

A journey collecting love songs

Oh Europa is a collection of works that stem from Action Hero’s epic travels across Europe in a campervan, asking strangers to sing a love song.

Travelling over 50,000km through 33 European countries; we have recorded the voices of over 1000 ordinary people inside our van, which doubles as a recording studio. Oh Europa is a true labour of love: a project that spans a continent and seeks to re-imagine the ways in which we think about Europe, and how we continue to share this space together.

As well as meeting strangers inside our van during our continuing travels, several other interrelated art works have been created as a result of the journey, spanning installation, a durational ‘live radio’ performance, a book and digital practice.

Oh Europa has a dedicated project website at oheuropa.com. A video of the the project with commentary is available to purchase from our shop.

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“the whole endeavour is a kind of grand improbable act... Action Hero have, in a sense, changed Europe”

The Independent

“An incredible project”

Corriere della Sera

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photos by Lukasz Michalak, Pelagia Karanikola, Action Hero and Benjamin Le Bellec

Created and performed by Gemma Paintin & James Stenhouse
Dramaturgy: David Williams
Technologists: David Williams at Watershed, Elliot Long at Elroid, Scott Evans at SE Games
Graphic design: Graeme Swinton at Actually, Alex Higglett at Pirrip
Producee for Action Hero: Sarah Warden

Oh Europa is co-produced with Farnham Maltings, and co-commissioned by Transform, Matchbox and Farnham Maltings. Supported by British Council, European Cultural Foundation and Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio. Developed with support from Vooruit, Latitudes Contemporaines, ANTI, Ördögkatlan Festival, Interdisciplinarte, Romanian Association for the Performing Arts, Grand Theatre Groningen and Bristol Old Vic Ferment. With funding from Arts Council England.