Oh Europa


Between 2018-2024, a radio broadcast was transmitting to a network of “beacons” on border spaces through Europe, playing only love songs. The entire archive of love songs we have collected on our journey through Europe was transmitting 24/7, audible only in these specially chosen locations. 

Using a dedicated Oh Europa app, listeners could tune in to the broadcast, day or night, when they reached the location of a “beacon”. Even if nobody was tuned in, the love songs continued to play. 

The locations of the “beacons” were chosen because of their significance as type of edge or threshold. We took video at each space and surveyed the area, and later created a video work and book called Postcards From The Edge.

The beacons have now been archived, but the broadcast is still active and available to hear from anywhere. Tune in below.

To see Postcards From The Edge’s previous touring dates, see our Archive


Video footage from the active beacons.

Postcards From The Edge BOOK

A book to accompany the video, featuring notes from our visit to the beacon sites and the reason each location was chosen.


Between 2018-2024, love songs were broadcasting 24/7 in these locations. The audio stream is now available to listen from anywhere.

“[action hero] may sound like romantics, esoterics, dreamers. But their plan worked”

Die Zeit

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photos by Action Hero and Von Fox productions 

Created by Gemma Paintin & James Stenhouse
Dramaturgy: David Williams
Technologists: David Williams at Watershed, Elliot Long at Elroid, Scott Evans at SE Games
Book design: Alex Higglett at Pirrip
Producer for Action Hero: Sarah Warden

Oh Europa is co-produced with Farnham Maltings, and co-commissioned by Transform, Matchbox and Farnham Maltings. Supported by British Council, European Cultural Foundation and Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio. Developed with support from Vooruit, Latitudes Contemporaines, ANTI, Ördögkatlan Festival, Interdisciplinarte, Romanian Association for the Performing Arts, Grand Theatre Groningen and Bristol Old Vic Ferment. With funding from Arts Council England.