You had to be there

To celebrate 15 years of our collaboration in Autumn 2020, we created a series of “directors commentaries” for YouTube, looking back at every single project we’ve created together during a decade and a half of collaborative practice. Each week we focused on a different project, sharing unseen video documentation from works, photos and reflections on the process.

Episode 1: A Western
Episode 2: Watch Me Fall
Episode 3: Frontman
Episode 4: Hoke’s Bluff
Episode 5: Slap Talk
Episode 6: Extraordinary Rendition
Episode 7: Natural Selection
Episode 8: From Ashes
Episode 9: Wrecking Ball
Episode 10: Oh Europa
Episode 11: Bits & Pieces- Other Works

The 11-episode series was free to view on YouTube for 6 months, and is now available to purchase from our shop on DVD and/or as mp4 downloads from our shop. All videos are fully captioned. The series aimed at students, academia and educational settings, and art geeks. 

“Honestly, absolute highlight of the week!”

“I promise I won't fangasm at you after every one of these, but I do love your work”

“These have all been brilliant so far. What an insight into Action Hero’s practice”

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