You can be my wingman

Iceman: You can be my wingman anytime.
Maverick: Bullshit. You can be mine.
Top Gun, 1986

Between 2020-2023, Action Hero ran a yearly residency for mid-career artists called You Can Be My Wingman with a focus on collaborative practice. Each year, 10 artists working in pairs joined Action Hero and an international artist-mentor to spend a week resting, reflecting and making space for new collaborative ideas. Action Hero cooked all the food, the artists spent time doing whatever they liked alongside the mentor. It was like a spa week for your artistic practice.

This project was funded as part of Action Hero’s National Portfolio funding, which was awarded to the company bt Arts Council England between 2018-2023.

2023 participants w/mentor Karen Christopher at Dartington Hall and Coombe Farm Studios
Simone French & Paula Varjack
Hannah Sullivan & Ania Varez
Luca Rutherford & Jemima Yong
Rachael Clerke & Clara Potter-Sweet
Tom Marshman & Karen McLeod

2022 participants w/ mentor Britt Hatzius at Dartington Hall
Jo Bannon & Augusto Corrieri
Hester Chillingworth and Anna Clock
Amy Sharrocks and Selina Thompson
Marlo De Lara, Natalie Hyacinth & Shanti Suki Osman
Omikemi and the river Dart

2021 participants, self-directed at AH’s Bristol studio
Gwen Thomson & Gwen Hales
Saqib Deshmukh & Yasmin Begum

2020 participants w/ mentor Maiko Yamamoto at Dartington Hall
Sue MacLaine & Hannah Ringham
Chloe Dechery & Karen Christopher
Dan Canham & Caroline Williams
Vera Chok & Tanuja Amarasuriya
Racquel Meseguer-Zafe & Liz Crow

To see You Can Be My Wingman’s previous dates, see our Archive

“An amazing week….sort of life changing actually”

“I can't thank you enough for your astuteness in designing this residency”

“The week was one of the most profound of my career”


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