Slap Talk is a 6-hour-long argument to camera inspired by the self-aggrandising of boxers at a pre-fight weigh in. The performance is an extended, elaborate and absurd verbal sparring match that is both a linguistic version of the fight itself and a forensic deep dive into the violence present in everyday language.

Slap Talk was first presented in 2013. It has been performed throughout the UK and Europe, and in Australia and South America. It was included in the British Council’s 2017 Edinburgh Showcase. Slap Talk continues to tour.

Slap Talk features in Action Hero’s book Action Plans: Selected Performance Pieces and is available to buy from our shop. A full video of the show with commentary is also available to purchase.

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“intimate, engaging and unsettling”

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“poetic, playful and unsentimental”

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photos by Action Hero

Created, written and performed by Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse. 

Slap Talk began at China Plate’s Darkroom residency, and was developed with support from Caravan and BIOS Athens.