Rebel resistors radio club

11 year old girls self-build analogue radios and broadcast their manifestos for the emerging world. Rebel Resistors Radio Club builds a global clandestine network of girls, tooled up for the future they will inherit.

Stepping into their power & controlling not just what they say but how they are heard, they create a post-digital, pirate social network that transcends digital technologies & imagines a future that belongs to them.

Action Hero’s new international touring participatory project asks deep, profound questions in a playful & accessible way: where are we heading, where is power held & how will we share space together in an uncertain world?

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“some of the most thrilling work currently being produced in the uk”

The Guardian

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photos by Staatstheater Mainz / Action Hero

Created by Gemma Paintin & James Stenhouse
Lead artist: Gemma Paintin
Dramaturgy: James Stenhouse
Graphic Design: Actually Studio
Electrical engineer: Victor Mazon Gardoqui

Rebel Resistors Radio Club was created in co-production with Mermaid Arts, Staatstheater Mainz and Create & Connect/Norfolk & Norwich Festival. Developed through LIFT’s Concept Touring residency. With funding from West of England Combined Authority and Arts Council England.