Natural Selection

Natural Selection took the form of a 5-day walk from Newcastle to Kielder forest and a performance around a campfire. Created in collaboration with Rob Stenhouse (the brother of Action Hero’s James Stenhouse), the two brothers discuss Rob’s collection of survival equipment, and talk about what it means to survive: in the woods and in the world, and which is harder.

The walk took the brothers past their remote childhood home where they grew up without mains gas, electricity or water on the edge of the Northumberland National Park. Audiences were invited to track the journey online and then join them for the final 20km of the walk. On arrival, the brothers set up camp with the audience and performed for them around the campfire, telling stories of their travels and talking about survival. 

Natural Selection was first presented at Up To Nature in 2012 as a standalone performance around a campfire, and again in 2015 in partnership with Wunderbar to include a walk and overnight audience camp-out.

A video of the the project with commentary is available to purchase from our shop.

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photos by Action Hero

Created and written by Gemma Paintin, James Stenhouse and Rob Stenhouse
Performed by James Stenhouse and Rob Stenhouse.

Natural Selection was supported by Inbetween Time and Wunderbar.