Future Perfect: New Byelaws for civic spaces

City byelaws that regulate behaviours in civic spaces are cut up word-by-word and rearranged into new rules for a transitioning world. From this new poetic script, phrases are selected that act as playful instructions or manifestos for a different set of behaviours in city space.

From the words of existing byelaws, an accidental poetry emerges that re-constructs, re- engineers and rehearses possible futures. Re-inserted back into the architecture of the cityscape on hoardings and giant billboards, the new rules imagine alternative behaviours unfolding throughout the city.

Future Perfect: New Byelaws for Civic Spaces is a collaboration between Action Hero, and Canadian visual artists Mia + Eric. The project has a dedicated website, where you can help us rewrite some byelaws.

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“a real clarity in function and expression”

The Tempohouse

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photos by Mia + Eric / Action Hero

Created and performed by Gemma Paintin, James Stenhouse, Mia Rushton and Eric Moschopedis
Producer for Action Hero: Sarah Warden

Future Perfect: New Byelaws for Civic Spaces was supported during development by British Council, Farnham Maltings, the High Commission of Canada in the UK via the New Conversations Fund, and Arts Council England.