From Ashes is a participatory installation that was created specifically for 21st Century Museum in Kanazawa, Japan. Over 2 weeks, participants built a version of their city from paper. Over 1000 tiny papercraft buildings were built by hand, each one reflecting the architecture of the city of Kanazawa.
Once built, the entire paper city was covered in ash, and for 2 days participants were invited to slowly brush the ash away from the city.

In a tender collaborative act of repair and recovery, From Ashes is a meditative journey reflecting on the future of our cities in the shadow of a changing climate, global pandemics, nuclear threat and war.

From Ashes was presented at KAPO in Kanazawa, Japan in 2015. 

A video of the the project with commentary is available to purchase from our shop.

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photos by Action Hero

Created and performed by Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse
Additional model design: Tomoyuki Koike
Carpentry and production: Masahiro Saito

From Ashes was commissioned by the 21st Century Museum and Forest Fringe as part of the Museum x KNZ Fringe residency project. Special thanks to KAPO and Masahiro Saito.